Our mission

"AXA Group Solutions is committed to helping AXA entities reach their ambitions by proactively providing solutions leveraging AXA IT global assets".

Karim Bouchema,
Chief Executive Officer of AXA Group Solutions.

Our scope of responsibilities
Selectivity: to support Business convergence at both Group level (Corporate Functions) and entity / Lines of Business level (Core Business) by extracting value from common investments.
Efficiency: to provide AXA IT capabilities (AXA IT Shared Services) to AXA entities supporting their growth and reducing their spent.
Acceleration: to support Digital acceleration and initiatives by speeding up Digital transformation.

Our offers

The catalogue of offers of AXA Group Solutions have been built over time according to IT ambitions of AXA entities / Lines of Business. It is demonstrated in a full range of IT and organizational products and solutions that’s fall into 4 categories:

• Business Convergence | Corporate Functions solutions
• Business Convergence | Core Business solutions
• IT Industrialization | AXA IT Shared Services solutions
• IT Industrialization | Digital solutions