Environment | A new office printing system!

All prints are sent to the same virtual printer (any photocopy station, on any floor). The benefits are a drastic reduction in paper and ink consumption and easier printing for all.

Environment | Fair trade

AXA Group Solutions has chosen responsible coffee-drinking, offering its employees a vending machine supplying fair trade beverages in environmentally friendly paper cups. AXA Group Solutions contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to coffee bean farmers and is actively engaged in supporting producers and sustainable environmental farming practices. Fair trade practices prohibit child or forced labor.

Solidarity | AXA Hearts in Action

Created in 1991 by then-president Claude Bébéar, AXA Hearts in Action now brings together over 43,000 employee volunteers from around the world, who donate their time and energy to work hand-in-hand with local non-profit organizations to change their communities for the better. They provide assistance and support to people suffering from exclusion due to social issues, illness and disability, promoting a culture of trust, engagement and collaboration, in and around the organization.

Solidarity | AXA Group Solutions partenaire de Make-A-Wish France

AXA Group Solutions, a partner of Make-A-Wish France.
A partnership to help Make-A-Wish grant children's wishes and to enable employees to tangibly support an impactful solidarity initiative.

Disability | Partnership with APF

AXA Group Solutions leads initiatives in partnership with APF, a non-profit serving people with disabilities. For over 80 years the Association of Paralysed France defends the rights and accompany people with disabilities and their families every day.

Disability & Environment | Partnership with le Panier du Citadin

AXA Group Solutions leads initiatives in partnership with Panier du Citadin, a non-profit supporting employment for people with disabilities and fair trade.